model: Jaime King, photographer: Davide Sorrenti
(from In Memory of Davide)
This is the kind of Nan Goldin-inspired snapshot-of-your-friends-high picture that Sorrenti is associated with in the popular imagination.  I guess if you’re dating a model, all your snapshots of your girlfriend are, by definition, fashion photography.
(scanned by insidethevisible)

Hana Haley
being really lazy today when i should be productive… 

Damn dude drove by my high school and realized I graduated 5 years ago… I’m getting old.

In the desert right now wrapped in a blanket laying on a pool chair watching the blood moon with my mom. The sky is so clear and it’s so quite. I love it.

I bet there’s a bunch of cool satanist parties we’re missing out on right about now

i’ve made best friends with Jesus
hung out with buddha too
i kicked the devil’s ass
and then i wiped him off my shoe

Aurore de la Morinerie - Monotype, 2011

1, 2, 3

Jamie King by Nan Goldin, 1996.

I hate how you have to “pick” something to get a degree in. I want to absorb everything. I want to take classes in math, learn science, write prose, discuss religion and talk about the stars, sit in the grass and attempt to draw the buildings, argue law, debate politics, find reason in philosophy, study about animals and plant life, analyze films and music, build things on the computer and learn mechanics. Why do I have to pick one?