cnt wait 2 dress up for halloween but i have 2 find a new outfit now

Dressing up is fun

currently melting away in my room because apparently its still summer in california 

Going to see the eagles tonight also getting proper drunk
Drank coffee now bored for 5 hrs at school in la where can i watch Ghostbusters for free online?
new school year, new bathroom selfies

me legitimately a year ago on 9.14 vs me this year 9.14

i really miss my black hair… 

In the process of going light with my hair but then i see photos with my black hair n i miss it


putting off leaving the house by taking dumb photos of my face as usual but no shame 

Nothing or no-one will ever
Make me let you down

You love me for me even with my fucked up habits and anxieties and crazy emotions and i have the best time with you even when you are drunk man.