You love me for me even with my fucked up habits and anxieties and crazy emotions and i have the best time with you even when you are drunk man.

Danced around with a candle lit last night with some of my best loves I feel like shit but worth it

Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hoochie Koo
Too hot outside sitting in my car blasting the ac listening to lorde she’s actually pretty sick u kno
I love my friendz
I was drunk in this photo in the bar bathroom
Went and walked around the arboretum at the university today super relaxing
Fuck I’m hungover


My body aches today
my main boo
No more black hurr it’s brown now
thank god for friday n i g h t ssssss
I HAD to have this mini Polaroid camera one year and I used up all the film and never used it again…. Upside is I found 20$ on the ground today