me legitimately a year ago on 9.14 vs me this year 9.14

i really miss my black hair…¬†

In the process of going light with my hair but then i see photos with my black hair n i miss it


putting off leaving the house by taking dumb photos of my face as usual but no shame 

Nothing or no-one will ever
Make me let you down

You love me for me even with my fucked up habits and anxieties and crazy emotions and i have the best time with you even when you are drunk man.

Danced around with a candle lit last night with some of my best loves I feel like shit but worth it

Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hoochie Koo
Too hot outside sitting in my car blasting the ac listening to lorde she’s actually pretty sick u kno
I love my friendz
I was drunk in this photo in the bar bathroom