being really lazy today when i should be productive… 
spring break at my parents aka gaining 10 lbs from favorite food places, getting over being sick, and being 100% lazy 

I need a hair cut
Wild Desert Flowers
Two finals done and I want to blow my brains out… This is what college does to you. At least my hair looks good.
Ditched 2 classes today and I want to just leave this last one I’m not into today at all.
We’re all in love with something that we can’t see
Is it time for the Renaissance Faire and the best baked potatoes the size of my face?
cult family drunk disco
what if i cut all my hair off? (i know i would never do it, but its fun to pretend)
dirty water
i dont want to work today 
Long Beach
Wayne Coyne says fuck off
How am I supposed to get any school work done with this cutie cuddling me?!